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Battletech in 2023

 After 30 years (yup, Ive got my Battletech starter with plastic miniatures in 1993) I bought me some Mechs again... (ok thats not technically true as Ive got mmetal Sagittaire around 2008 (?) and some Czech made bootleg metal Marauder around 2001 but this was my second Battletech starter after 1993 one).
And Catalyst did wonders with them! I love each new mechs - event Phoenix hawk - my least fav of the old set! I am not a fan of the game, but I love the world and the minis. And I plan to try Alpha strike - Battletech light.

And started to have some fun. Meet my awesome friend: The Awesome. 1st Marik Militia.

Waiting for decals and was testing with random ex GW decals I had at home.

His Family

And early WIP of OPFOR no 1: The Davion Guards
Not sure I will finish these soon as they were test mini when I waited for ordered modern Catalyst minis. Expect Then and now 30 years of plastic casting post soon.

And modern OPFORno2: Jade falcon early wips - Always wanted iconic MadCat since playing Mechwarrior 3 and Vulture is one of my top 3 favorite Mechs ever.

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