piątek, 1 marca 2019

Lamp lighter Kaas - Look out hanger on

I finally finished my last year built of Kaas the lamp lighter. protagonist of Necromunda novel Junktion. Grim and down to earth character whose day job was maintaining lightning system around underhive shanty town of Juntion and roads leading to it. hard job for hardy people. I started to built him in January  IIRC. Soon rules for hangers on were released so he will not by just random citizen with lamp but playable character. Gang look out give bonus to gangs in scenarios using sentries - surely due to good lighting of the premises watched over..
I love idea of those Hangers on. They are not normally deployed during the games but could be cached loitering around when gang home turf is attacked. GW haven't released models for any hangers on yet (but some were previewed) but IMHO its much more interesting to built your own. Additionality to being hanger on he will be member of my Hive dwellers usable in some scenarios when Gangs fight inside of settlement.

 He started life as Perry plastic XV century mercenary, but equipped with Victrix Napoleonic backpack, lamp (using his original pike :) ) and portable ladder Ive built from plasticard he is ready to light the lamps in the underhive.
IIRC head is from Frostgrave cultist sprue.

And whole bunch of Hive dwellers I built (some of them still WIP - they take me a loong time :)

Left to right: Old pro - pit slave emeritus (originally member of my trade caravan), pair of Goliath workers off duty (I built them ages ago to test what can I do with old Necromunda plastics), water seller servitor, Kaas and some poor fella that fought the law but the law won (originally slave from the same trader caravan that old pro came) I need mor of them..
40k civilians are really useful for any narrative scenario but hard to come by.

środa, 13 lutego 2019

Short skirted intermission

Ive got those two models for civilians and objectives almost by accident. Painting them was pleasure.
I really like Copplestone sculpts.
(Damn I missed her eyes :D

wtorek, 12 lutego 2019

Plague marines

I don't like Nurgle stuff.. Daemons, characters nor Marines. Nurgle aesthetics is just not for me.
But those new Plague Marines are just so good I broke and painted Nurgle things first time in my life.. They don't have purpose but I guess this is nice starting Kill Team kill team :P

I did 6 of them. 4 from Dark Imperium great set ad pair I got from some smaller starter set I bought for extra poses of Pox walkers.
I converted the champion. Removed his ugly face and silly stalagmites from his armor. Added skull helmet and shield - I cannot decide what cat of arms he should be wearing there but I want something atypical. I will decide later. I call them finished now and he is black shield :P

Next are stock guys from Dark Imperium and Grenade launcher guy from the second set.
Plasmagunner is my favorite





Great models despite being Nurgly.
I am waiting with great anticipation for hinted Slaaaneshian Marines revival.. maybe I will finish my own builds soon..

poniedziałek, 31 grudnia 2018

2018 in miniatures

I have not very active blog year but Ive painted some stuff :)
83 models in total (80- 28mm)

See you next year

piątek, 9 listopada 2018

Skritch is the Greatest, Yes-Yes!

Ive started working on my skaven team for Warhammer Underworlds next day after my first tournament (24 october) and finished them in 3 days. When they showed up painted for the second tournament, they stabbed much better and scored me a win.
I am verry happy with their performances even despite the tournament being smallish :P
So here is the victorious band

 Leader Skritch Spiteclaw 
 and his (and mine) obviously  favorite objective card

Krrk, The almost trusted, second in command

And 3 lowly but plentiful skaven of Skritch swarm
Lurking Skaven

Festering skaven
and finally Hungering skaven

The three are kinda generic skavens that Skritch can summon to the battle when their previous iterations will die (and they will die trust me), unless Skritch die first - then everyone die :)
This is a glass cannon warband but I love their game play. So far my favorite band from the 12 released for Warhammer Underworlds.

and finally Ive added some red to my Orktober Orks because they feel to monochromatic 

Great models but always remember that:

środa, 3 października 2018


I am not a person normally cheering anything Orky but this Orktober post is my second orky blogpost in a row.. This time differently flavored :P

Ironskull Boyz!
I have to admit that Shadespire (or as it should be know because of setting change Warhammer Underworlds *) is my game discovery, and my second most played (after Necromunda) game of the year..(with I think most games due to usually managing 3 per game night for Necromunda one).
To my surprise I like most of the 1st set of warbands (event original sigmarines , only second sigmarines bore me to death) and I plan to play most of them (so far I had most fun with Skellies and Skaven). So expect more of the teams painted.
I wouldn't ever paint larger band of Orks but those 4 is right number and all models are great.

Boss Ork Gurzag Ironskull


Second in power Bonekutta my favourite of th bunch

Basha and Hacka grunt Orks (I missed Hacka front photo and will add it later :)

And Sepulchral guard - first warband Ive painted.

* Lets be honest.. Shadespire is great name while Warhammer Underworlds is not.. As second Underworld Nightvault was just released and Shadespire will be removed from the shelf (bands from the Shadespire set will be released as stand alone) I have to find new name but Underworlds is much Inferior to Shadespire and Nightvault will be replaced next year with something new.. IMHO GW missed the point here :)

czwartek, 6 września 2018

Middle Earth bandwagon and some

I wanted to try LOTR game for ages now (like 10 years.. Last when it came tomy head I bought some dirt cheap models (there were really cheap so I reinforced my Moria goblins and High elves I bought for the paints while in the day the were extras to really cheap to pair of first numbers of LOTR magazines and Fellowship set I got for less than 10 dollars).  It returned with new beautiful set I desperately want to buy (but have to wait some time as rogue Trader is coming next week :(
Some of my last time LOTR urge were those 8 old Mordor Orcs. 

Really old model but quite cool sculpts. Unfortunately part of their cheapness was fact they were painted. I wanted fast job so resprayed so they lost some of the detail, but I think they are workable for such throw away priced models (IIRC less than 3 dollars for them).

After finishing them I snapped and bought pair of old heroes Gorbak and Gorbak as they were really cheap and could go up in price with LOTR renaissance) and men those are insanely detailed and cast in comparison to plastics. Little wonders. SO expect more photos of this 8 with both "heroses" painted soon in more  scenic photos.

And secondly... Those guys. Superb models from Dark Imperium set. First painted himself and I decided I want to more. Really detailed and really simple paint jobs.
Very nice models. And not that nurgly as I expected.. They will be undivided but really mutated and degenerate bunch of renegades.
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