czwartek, 31 stycznia 2013

Side painted tanks

Here are 3 vehicles I painted as side job to my small Zvezda vehicle  Painting contest on Forum Strategie (I did not entered, because I was organizer :)
They were quite fast painted, and need few finishing touches there and there, but Ive decided to test new camera on them. More photos when i learn how to use it :)
First a bit fiddly BA-10. Technically I build it (i lost lights - both! during montage, and it is worst going together model from Zvezda excellent series) badly and decided to cannibalize it for parts and wreckage but after putting paint on him, i decided i like him despite obvious build flaws.
Then pair of T34 model 1940. They are my least favorite T34 type, but models are very nice and detailed so its really a shame Zvezda produced least produced and worst looking one. I suppose it goes with the idea of Barbarossa 1941 game, but hey, there were more of T34 model 1941 (with much nicer cannon) then . But they stil releasing models, so I might hope for Kursk 1943 set with much nicer T34 mod 1942 or 43 (preferably with STZ wheels - pelease Zvezda, please !!

More photos to follow when i will learn how to use said new camera.

środa, 16 stycznia 2013

Zimmerit first take

I recently bought great Plastic Soldier Company Tiger tanks model set. Tanks are very nice and built easily and comfortably (I look at you Zvezda !). They have few build options, 3 halves of crew miniatures, some parts of the track links for mounting on the armor.  And option to built Early, mid or late machines. Thanks to good plastic its easy to convert and worn up! Overall great models.

They have few problems thou. First and most prominent is lack of Zimmerit paste on the vehicles. While there were Tigers without it (Early and rebuild) but most iconic look and photos depict them with Zimmerit coating. Zimmerit was anti-magnetic paste that was meant to stop magnetic anti tank mines from sticking to a tank. When germany was single country using them in large numbers, coating German tanks was quite silly waste that stopped in late 1944 but hey it look cool on the models :)

My first take is from Liquid green stuff produced by GW. Overall finish is quite Ok and looks like zimmerit, but doe to medium nature application marks are not perfect.

poniedziałek, 14 stycznia 2013

Meanwhile on Bulanda 3

 Welcome to Bulanda !
Early dawn on abandoned landing pad deep inside Bulanda Babutiland interior, old shuttle is approaching.

Our old friend Bultrans driver is doing an odd extra job.
Mysterious armored figure steps cautiously down the landing stairs
Examines surroundings and asks not looking at waiting man. You one Van Owen ?
Van Owen yes,  Piet Van Owen it is, Welcome on Bulanda!

Silent silhouettes follow.
 Move Move on, we are already late van Owen ! 

Quick to the vehicle.

I hope this junk will work. 
-Oh it will, it will. 

After they disappear in Bulandan bush, Now empty shuttle descents into heavens, who knows when it will return and with what cargo ?


Shuttle is Burger king toy Ive got from ebay.  Van Owen is GZG and Mysterious mercenaries are CMG. I don't like doing terrain normally but landing pad and stairs seemed natural part of the shuttle. Those are my first models finished in 2013 :)

poniedziałek, 7 stycznia 2013

2nd year past/ Po 2 gim roku

Here is how my stats looks after two years in blogging.

I am happy from results. Its slightly less visits than year before but I neglected the blog for few months.

We will see what happens in 2013 :>

Oto podsumowanie odwiedzin mego Bloga w 2012.  W porównaniu do 2011 nastąpił minimalny spadek spowodowany tym, że miał kilka miesięcy nieblogowania.

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