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I am not a person normally cheering anything Orky but this Orktober post is my second orky blogpost in a row.. This time differently flavored :P

Ironskull Boyz!
I have to admit that Shadespire (or as it should be know because of setting change Warhammer Underworlds *) is my game discovery, and my second most played (after Necromunda) game of the year..(with I think most games due to usually managing 3 per game night for Necromunda one).
To my surprise I like most of the 1st set of warbands (event original sigmarines , only second sigmarines bore me to death) and I plan to play most of them (so far I had most fun with Skellies and Skaven). So expect more of the teams painted.
I wouldn't ever paint larger band of Orks but those 4 is right number and all models are great.

Boss Ork Gurzag Ironskull


Second in power Bonekutta my favourite of th bunch

Basha and Hacka grunt Orks (I missed Hacka front photo and will add it later :)

And Sepulchral guard - first warband Ive painted.

* Lets be honest.. Shadespire is great name while Warhammer Underworlds is not.. As second Underworld Nightvault was just released and Shadespire will be removed from the shelf (bands from the Shadespire set will be released as stand alone) I have to find new name but Underworlds is much Inferior to Shadespire and Nightvault will be replaced next year with something new.. IMHO GW missed the point here :)

czwartek, 6 września 2018

Middle Earth bandwagon and some

I wanted to try LOTR game for ages now (like 10 years.. Last when it came tomy head I bought some dirt cheap models (there were really cheap so I reinforced my Moria goblins and High elves I bought for the paints while in the day the were extras to really cheap to pair of first numbers of LOTR magazines and Fellowship set I got for less than 10 dollars).  It returned with new beautiful set I desperately want to buy (but have to wait some time as rogue Trader is coming next week :(
Some of my last time LOTR urge were those 8 old Mordor Orcs. 

Really old model but quite cool sculpts. Unfortunately part of their cheapness was fact they were painted. I wanted fast job so resprayed so they lost some of the detail, but I think they are workable for such throw away priced models (IIRC less than 3 dollars for them).

After finishing them I snapped and bought pair of old heroes Gorbak and Gorbak as they were really cheap and could go up in price with LOTR renaissance) and men those are insanely detailed and cast in comparison to plastics. Little wonders. SO expect more photos of this 8 with both "heroses" painted soon in more  scenic photos.

And secondly... Those guys. Superb models from Dark Imperium set. First painted himself and I decided I want to more. Really detailed and really simple paint jobs.
Very nice models. And not that nurgly as I expected.. They will be undivided but really mutated and degenerate bunch of renegades.

środa, 5 września 2018

Beton update 1

Ive finished very simple (crude would be right word) conversion of Goliaths Heavy Stubber for my gang)

I have not planned to built him before Boltgun guys and some CC but Ive rolled insanely good Old pro help from House favors and was presented with free champion witch 150 creds of Equipment.. Oh joy and curse.
I wanted to use this model as i love the looks of the nail gun its just soo suxy it would be not only waste of points but also uselessness would make me sad.. so I invented this Idea and this was born.

It would work better with stubber barrel probably but this crude orc barrel fits Goliaths aesthetic quite Ok.

I think
it will work nicely

czwartek, 28 czerwca 2018

Beton again (at 1600 gang rating after first full Turf War)

Surprisingly hard to photograph decently..
We no girly models, we are ruthlezz killerz :)

Beton in last setup, before Juve Źelbet temporarily left to reduce rating for newTurf war

Pan Beton - Leader
I want Mad Max Joe with him - and that makes him really hard to photograph in a good light, but I like that bastard. He scored Wounds advance last game (or will scre before next game because NeoMunda works strangely with it)
his job is to stand and Overseer but when he charged last game he crushed Escher sentry and Leader and then some of the Tech piece to be sabotages but finished with 4 flesh wounds due to drugs overdose.. technically he is responsible for around 70% of a game against gang 900 rating higher

From the left Azbest - he did nothing so far, Middle Kafar- new addition after ultra lucky double sixroll on the hous support table - Champion with 8 xp and 150 creds in equipment - was a huge boost to the rating but is yet to do anything meaningful (he was shooting 3 times at pointblank enemy champion and missed atwice and got chopped.. And on the right Pustak - my best ganger on the field (he accumulated 20 Xp - 15 of are for killing and damaging at sabotage) Real killer.

Kafar started as this cool miniature but I swiched to nail gun guy I will add barrel and pretend its nail stubber (until I will paint that badass bastard)

4 gangers (well 3 gangers and a specialist Two middle guys scored advances after some lucly kills, left one is specialist, sm,oker will be +1 T before next game)

And their entry in LPL

piątek, 15 czerwca 2018

Rogue Trader Isabella LaCroix and Lars Kroft

Ive finished one of my =I=Munda teams. Rogue trader landing party of Madame Isabella DeLacroix and her associate Xeno Archeologist Lars Kroft.

As I used them in two LPL entries this year I managed to finish them in time (sans little detail of DeLacroix logo but I have to invent one first to add it)
Here is whole crew.
Lady Isabella with her Seneschal Ivanov recording her famous quotations
Roxana her Voidmistress
Lars Kroft Xenoarcheologist

Benjamin Konig Astropath

Arch militant Lena Crowe leader of the landing crew

And some crewmen (I might do some more in the future).

And two LPL rounds with them

poniedziałek, 14 maja 2018

Beton - My Goliath Gang

I normally struggle with inventing colour schemes. But somehow those hazard stripes went themselves on the test model and then Ive got whole gang painted )sans little details) in no time. Seriously fastest painted Necro gang in my Necro painting career (And Ive got 5 finished and many more in different state of wip)

Mr Beton - Leader

Pustak - Deadliest champion

Azbest - Test game deadliest champion that fail to do anything in campaign :)

Słup Strop and Spaw
Vanilla gangers

Gruszka - grenadier and Nit - new adition - rivet cannon counts as boltgun

and Żelbet - juve
I am having great fun with these guys and more important i had fun painting them.

piątek, 23 marca 2018

Firefly Adventures models scale comparison

Ive recently bought boardgame Firefly Adventures. To be honest I bought it for the miniatures of Serenity crew in the models and cool paper boxes/terrain included (I am yet to try the game itself but I wont be sad if it wont take my by a storm). I like the miniatures alot but I havent seen any scale comparison in the net with actual 28mm miniatures.
So here it is :P
Miniatures are in 30mm scale and very well proportioned. That will make them looks slim near most of 28mm miniatures. But the size is quite Ok. Large characters are larger than GW human, smaller are smaller or similar size.

The box provides 5 characters (Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne and Kayle) in 2 poses - Casual and heroic (in action). One minus is that heroic weapon are on the smallish side. But they are not unusable

With miniatures for scale

As you can see old space marine is no match at all but new Primaris fits perfectly well!
And lets be honest qith ourselves.. do anybody interested in firefly miniatures would want them at the same table with those poor misshapen old marines in the AP (after primaris) age ? :)

Apart from the crew box comes with very cool generic bruisers and cowboys.

Very cool models for random thugs and each one is unique, they come with some size variation too.

Overall its very good set and I will be getting model expansions to fill out my crew for sure.

If you consider that the gamebox comes with instant skirmish terrain this is real wonderful buy for any fan of Firefly and 28mm skirmish gaming!
Purging of some God Emperor forsake shanty town.. marines and cultist for scale..

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