wtorek, 4 listopada 2014

Late update Sassanian prince painted

Long time no post, today only pictures.
Ive finally managed to finish my Sassanian prince (Lurkio upgraded with GS o Taq-a-bostan style. I haven't found this style late Sassanians Assaviras to my taste so i decided to make my own, using Lurkio models as a base as all my Sassanians are Lurkio (Closest match and coolest horse armor i found).
Ive made prince his companion and standard bearer.
As always with Sassanians colors are made up, I just wanted to keep Persian lavish and colorful dress impression.
I tried Non metalic on them, as i think Lurkio models looks better painted this way. I am quite happy from the result, but there are certain flaws both in sculpting and painting visible.
Now its time to finish my Elephant and Byzantines (one base is ready so far).
Taq-a-bostan relief of Khosrow Parviz - Khosrau II The victorious

Sorry for flash, I am now trying to make them more mat with different varnish..

And some close ups
                                                                                            Prince Khosrow
Bahram  Sassanian hero

Standard bearer

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