piątek, 23 marca 2018

Firefly Adventures models scale comparison

Ive recently bought boardgame Firefly Adventures. To be honest I bought it for the miniatures of Serenity crew in the models and cool paper boxes/terrain included (I am yet to try the game itself but I wont be sad if it wont take my by a storm). I like the miniatures alot but I havent seen any scale comparison in the net with actual 28mm miniatures.
So here it is :P
Miniatures are in 30mm scale and very well proportioned. That will make them looks slim near most of 28mm miniatures. But the size is quite Ok. Large characters are larger than GW human, smaller are smaller or similar size.

The box provides 5 characters (Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne and Kayle) in 2 poses - Casual and heroic (in action). One minus is that heroic weapon are on the smallish side. But they are not unusable

With miniatures for scale

As you can see old space marine is no match at all but new Primaris fits perfectly well!
And lets be honest qith ourselves.. do anybody interested in firefly miniatures would want them at the same table with those poor misshapen old marines in the AP (after primaris) age ? :)

Apart from the crew box comes with very cool generic bruisers and cowboys.

Very cool models for random thugs and each one is unique, they come with some size variation too.

Overall its very good set and I will be getting model expansions to fill out my crew for sure.

If you consider that the gamebox comes with instant skirmish terrain this is real wonderful buy for any fan of Firefly and 28mm skirmish gaming!
Purging of some God Emperor forsake shanty town.. marines and cultist for scale..

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