poniedziałek, 29 maja 2017

Lead Painters League entries 4, 6 and 7

Another weeks taken by readying entries for Lead Painters League.

AEwulf on the road to plunder (well more his newly finished friends.) scored me a win

So did opposing frame There always rock on the road (To AEwulfs plunder :)

But poor guys stopping on Tokaido were rushed (not best photo unfortunately - and originally planed scene was impossible to shot :( and lost. Its not bad scene and I like miniatures a lot but photo is not very sharp

I skipped round 5 but it will thematically better fit with next batch of sci fi entries

wtorek, 23 maja 2017

Another 40k Starter set and another cultists on the horizon

This time its called Dark Imperium and sets Nurgle plague marines against new and super smurfy Space Marines.
Again they look monopose and snap fit, this time Nurgle flavored, but apart from guts on the loose one they will be spot on for any chaos god after appropriate paintjob. All are mutants though so their cultist use is reserved for Openly heretical or Undercity cults. Most of them will work in fantasy too.
My favorite is coated one with tentacle. I just need to find him suitable head.

 DV cultist looked much more sinister (those guys are very happy about being cultist) and could be used for much more. The were very easily de-cultised and work as Cawdor or plain normal Imperial civilians. So I doubt those new guys will see so many uses as their versatility is lower. I painted only 10 as cultist proper, but used more than that as basis for different conversion work like those porters.

In the other news.. Truescale Marines fodder is upon us in the same starter, they will help my conversion work very much.

And last but not least Plaguemarines themselves.. I have to admit they (in similar way to DV Chaos marines) are cherry on the cake - best models in the set - I might break and have do some Nurgle after all.. :(

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