czwartek, 18 września 2014

7e régiment de hussards

In my quest to rise mine Petit Grande Armee Ive finished 7e régiment de hussards or 7th Hussars Regiment in english :)
One of the most famous regiment i chose for its high contrast red trousers and green dolman and mentyk (blouse and pelisse) and white
Ive decided to use lighter green for the dolman and mentyk (like in the picture on the left) .  I am sure that Napoleonic fasion police will want my blood but lets be honest, its just not very visible in 1:600 scale. ALso Ive aded easy nationality recognition system you will be familiar with at the moment you see it :>
So here are my Hussards.. All 4 squadrons of them ! Vivle la Emperreur !

Here is my  whole Davout III rd corps so far

piątek, 12 września 2014

Fromholdeu Forward !!

That day came ! This is my first ever venture into Napoleonic period.. I like color, i like Nepoleon, and where i live we don't call him an Ogre.. we cal Wellington an Ogre - Ok that was attention whorish.. In reality..we don't care about Wellington nor peninsular campaign(Although we thrashed English at Fuengirola :) but Eastern campaigns.. So my oponent army will be Austro-Hungarian, Prussian or Russian (I haven't decided yet what my second will be.. But for sure my first army had to be French.. as all good people say.. Vivle la Emperreur..  !!

Meet General Fromholdeau and his first battalions of Ligne Infantry..
As we all know God is on the side of big battalions.. mine had 60 men each :>
Models are Oddział Ósmy 1:600 Nepoleonic line (sold by Pico Armor in the English speaking world) And they are little wonders.. and paint surprisingly fast and easy.

ANd thats how they look en masse !

To give you a better measur of the size of my little regiment i gibve you silly scale comparision
With 15mm tank (Zvezda)
Its not kind of welcome party in Moscow we expected !!
6mm theurophoroi based on the same 40*20 DBX base (Baccus)
Easy prey to muskets and bayonett charge

Wargamer 15mm cavalry
Allies really
Wiking Jarl AEwulf (Gripping Beast plastics)
Because he stood near..
And no size comparison is not full without space marine from you know who.. Do not Fear Fromholdeu will prevail..

piątek, 5 września 2014

Mysterious not-Russian vehicle crushing Ukraine's independence

I rarely model most recent stuff, but Ive become enamored with this striking photograph of Column of Russian vehicles that travels in the direction of Ukrainian border to by miraculously transfered into Unknown and Unmarked but for sure not Russian vehicles that are fueling the war in the country.
Everything looks so normal, cars, and bus on the street of Russian town, people doing their daily things and yet there is menacing machine with a sacred icon that leaves no secret about to where it is going..
So  with Zvezda T 72 gathering dust i decided i want it !
Luckily Zvezda model is an exact type of T 72 we see here. Unluckily its lacking in some important details i had to recreate:

SO with the short work ive come up with a tank like this. I used ligher 3 color camuflage pattern to better show details of the model.

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