piątek, 22 maja 2015

Reinforcments for Demi-Brigade.

I've finished another unit of French revolutionary infantry for my Italy campaigns project. Now its time to paint some Austrians. I made a vow to not buy anything till I paint one full unit (Gifts count so I had to finish them for Dragoons I got from my wife for birthday, and I have to paint Austrian unit to buy anything New :)

I have 2 more French Infantry units  and rest of French characters to do, dismounted Dragoons and 2 units of Mounted + officer, and of course 4 Austrian units and Austrian characters.

Due to Austrian white uniform and washes they paint much more faster than the French (models are quite dimplier too - no personal details that French have on almost every model) so I will try to finish first Austrian Unit first.
Those guys looks kinda sad IMHO, like marching after huge defeat  (Vive la France !!)
But in meantime I will have to correct my first units, as green epaulette light infantry was not introduced until after my Campaign project time frame, I will have to repaint epaulettes red to make them Grenadiers.

Demi-brigade so far

niedziela, 17 maja 2015

Review: Zvezda Pz IV F2 in 1:100

Welcome in another mainly photo product review. This time of Zvezda PzIV F2 tank (as always in 1:100) model from their game range. At last we are starting to get models that are usefull for mid-late war. Srsly Zvezda - you sux when you chose to do some obscure or super early models of tanks.. That insanity has to go. Now after this rant over.. :

First thing first, as with Ural truck plastic material is much more friendly now (I am not sure for when change occurred but my last batch (T72 and BTR80) were from older more brittle and harder material. Now plastic is much easier to work with but its not too soft, and keeps great detail.

So for the model itself its delicate like all Zvezda models but have more defined and deeper details than previous German vehicles That is good thing, as detail on Stug were very delicate and shallow.. It could use some improvements (track links on the armour could be  even more defined and lines on engine hatches could be bigger too)  but its very nice model overall with much cast on detail. Overall I am positively surprised and i would rate it for this price as 5 stars model !

And lastly comparison with PSC great PzIV model. To be honest I prefer PSC, but its more than twice the cost of Zvezda. So I will bulk my planned  1942 and Desert campaigns with Zvezda models. Apart from minor differences they are great match - if you fancy it shurzen from PSC will fit on Zvezda models (but turret shurzen needs some work). And they will look great side by side.  Mainly difference is broader and little more flat turret- but that is indistinguishable on the table.

Overall its one of the more useful Zvezda WWII models - They are cheap option for bulking up, but the difference is normal visible (shallow detail, disappearing lines and lack of bolts on the side surfaces)
 But that is not the case with Pz IV F2.
Only WWII multiples I have are T34 (that has to be converted for the type I like but one need them in 10s generally :) and Opel Blitz, but PZIVF2 will be third one.

And I await Tiger I that is meant for this year (with Sherman tanks) - AT last useful vehicle that will work without conversions.. PZIVF2 give me good hopes for quality.

piątek, 1 maja 2015

Zvezda Ural truck in 1:100 - Perfect solution for Modern and Sci-fi !

I've recently bought Zvezda new Ural Truck so here is a little inbox review and comparison session in one. Ural 4320 is a soviet era workhorse. Quite modern one but produced since 1978 it can cover Cold War in the 80ties, many Third World conflicts, later Russia wars and potential XXI century confrontation. It is also well suited for scifi as being rather cool looking and quite modern but not to modern wehicle.. Some of you might remember Zvezda Opel Blitz I use as civilian truck on my planet Bulanda. Ural will work both as civilian and low tech military truck.

And it will work very well. Its one of the best Zvezda 1:100 models to date. With great detail and more sturdy structure. It also builds really easy. There is only one fiddly part (smokestack) but it have a great half pin to mount it) and one smallish light that had to be glued on - but can be completely skipped out if you want sturdier model .
Two sprues you get with this set (no decals)
Zvezda did great job with it as it builds without glue and did not have many visible slots (that can plague some of Zvezda smaller WWII models) nor poses any delicate elements in undercarriage.

Plastic is quite softer than previous Zvezda models - this make it both more sturdier and easier to build.  The build itself is really simple, seriously there is nothing to say more about it. And the model itself have only one flaw.. Like all Zvezda modern packs its priced twice the basic Zvezda WWII vehicles ;(

Here are some comparison photos:

First: Zvezda WWII trucks (Zis-5, Opel Blitz, Ural and matador)

Then with other Russian ultramodern stuff they make: BTR80 and T-72BV

Then Opel Blitz naked and with tilt on.
 T-34-76 (Zvezda model i converted for later model) that really every model need to be comparison with :)
 And then some infantry modern, WWII and Sci fi.
First Russian Green Men - Ultramodern attackers of Crimea peninsula and Ukraine - Staple of modern Russian hybrid war tactic (great models from OO) Those guys are natural fit really.
Next: PSC Russian WWII Infantry and Battlefront plastic FOW Germans for late war.

And second part of the comparison photo session is devoted to 15mm Sci-fi:   Khurasan Felids !!!

GZG New Israelis
 Rebel: Titan marines
 And CMG Protolene Khanate Dog Soldiers

And some vehicles:
Khurasan Doe - perfect fit really - Doe as Scified Hind is absolute spot one with Ural !!

 Next with gorgeous Gundam Hovertruck model I reviewed some time ago. They are surprisingly good match!

 Yess - Ural at last have wood detail on the back !!!

And finally with GZG Hi-mobility Tank - quite nice visual match too.. Really Ural is perfect for near future and ultramodern !

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