niedziela, 23 kwietnia 2017

Lead Painters League entries 1-3

I had a little downtime with painting, among many reasons why is I signed for participation in Lead Adventures Forum painting league.

I was closely following this epic 10 week painting challenge (with elements of competition) and decided that it will help me work under pressure of time and finish some projects I wouldn't for years.
I don't aim for any high place - as participants are top class painters and photographers - my aim it to be in top half of the list of 38 participants. How will it ends remains to be seen but so far so good :)
I won two duels with randomly generated in Swiss format pair of participants and I lost one.

Rules are to present a group of 5 newly painted miniatures in some appropriate environment/scene - and then participants are paired in duels and LA forum members had to vote for one of each pair of participants. Its really most interesting challenge/contest I ever saw with some absolutely epic works of miniature painting art and presenting the unique scenes. While painting is most important both storytelling and photography skills matters in such contest.

As I know my painting limits I went for interesting scenes in most of my entries.
Here are my entries for first three rounds and I will successfully post my entries in incoming weeks. Wish me luck (luck is to not be randomly paired with one of the insanely skilled leaders of the competition :P

1 week: Late Delivery

2 week : Do we need this ? - photo is to unfocused to show miniatures really - deserved loss here
 Ancient Forest - should be a little more focused but I think those are my best painted miniatures entered :)

My miniature photography suxx but I am learning a lot making those photos.

środa, 1 marca 2017

Knights of Patalonia

Somewhere in the Sulphur Wastes..
                As an opposition for my wild mutants of the Sulphur wastes here come techniknights of Patalonia. best of the best of the Felburgh elite. With their ancient archaic power armors Sir Lodovico the Fist and Sir Rolf the Wofl. Both knights have their patron saints and their symbols were taken as a personal heraldry and the Icon for their Ordonance Lances as no knight could quest alone, especially without people to support and service their power armors..

Sir Lodovico the Fist is leader of Questing knights of Fellburgh, He travels into the Wastes to fights mutants and witches and other enemies of the Fellburgh. Real hero of the land..

Accompany him Sir Rolf the Wolf, aggressive and reckless youngest of the questing knights.

Here are all Fellburghians I've made so far, some of the WIPS.
next: more mutants and Ordonance Lances  of the both knights..

wtorek, 31 stycznia 2017

Patalonia the Forgotten World

As I mentioned in the earlier posting I was very Inspired by Outgard project that was/is running bu few very talented individuals mostly from Scandinavian countries and decided to gather my Outgard Inspired stuff into my personal mini project.  I wanted something similar that could combine many different groups of my miniatures into one middle ages after fall of the civilization post apocalyptic setting. And that how without much thought put into it world of Patalonia was born.

A world fallen but not quite forgotten. World that is visited each time in the decade by Black ship Crimson Angelus - great event that prompts all Patalonians to organize witch hunts for quota of psykers needed to be sacrificed to ever hungry spirit in the sky. Due to collapse of the industrial civilization on the planet tithe is nominal and gathered very rarely, but chartist captains are visiting the world regularly around every other year bringing industrial produce of closest Hive World Anubis removed by 3 months void travell.
Those two great events in the world of the planet are happening in the Old Starport - mostly ruined last stand of civilization of  Man on the planet.

Here travel riverrine convoys of Black Steamships and Free Oarsmen Brotherhoods from the Fellburgh in the west by means of Great Green River and from the east by Great Eastern Railway last heavily armored trains from Stahlburg.

Fellburgh is the formal capital, and seat of planetary Lord - Count Theodore von Stern. His domain is a former shadow of itself and compromise of 9 Houshold baronies. It is surrounded from all sides by fallen housholds - strongholds of deviants and renegades, witches, warlocks and mutants - enemies of the Man. Further to the east and surrounding Old Starport lies Sulphur wastes - a jungle-swamp desecrated by old industrialization - full  foulest mutants and beasts.
Even more to the east lies Purple Spire.. Long lost hive city which real name is long forgotten. The hellish place is ruled by Count vonStern dark counterpart -dreaded Goat of Darkness... ever plotting the fall of the Man.. Looking hungrily towards Fellburg

poniedziałek, 30 stycznia 2017

January - Mutant Awareness Month!

January was a mutant month for me.  I acquired cheap Hobbit Goblins at last. I was planing using them as mutants for ages. They never looked to Goblin to me, but scream Mutants!

Seriously mutated bunch..I guess most mutated miniatures GW ever did..
(BTW:I would kill for them in proper 28mm. They are needed second only to Slanagors in plastic)
Mine were second hand and badly painted. But they were already stripped and I didn't care about perfect detail in the places that paint stuck as they are unwashed mutants after all.. and they costed 1/4 of their original price, all 18 of them sans 2 bases. Good price if you ask me.
I wanted them for a filler in games (scavenging in some holes as background) and as lesser enemy for practically anyone. They could work as coerced or bribed  labor or warriors for some unscrupolous master.. no difference for them if they are needed as King Redwart followers,  as diggers looking for PKBtron or as blunt force needed to bring Fallburgh to its knees...

After few days of work I painted test one and The Indifferent Mutants were born.
(Indifferent as opposed to Mutants dedicated to any higher powers like Slaanesh that my main Mutant mob is dedicated. Those guys are non-aligned and murderous for survival and mutant low minded cunning and cruelty)

Here test Indifferent Mutant is posing with Slaaneshian cutthroat mutant (coming soon).

Satisfied with the result I painted few of his friends as produced and started to work on converting some others


Then I realized that they are to degenerate and has to weak posture to pose danger to armed bands. So I did what I was planing for a long time. I disenchant some Plagueberers and turned them into bigger mutants.
Starting with Violetta - Mutant mother


Violetta is mother of large brood of filthy degenerate mutants, she is accompanied by some of her youngest offspring wherever she goes. She drags with her one of the happy fathers of her flock.
I need to do few small basses of her offspring to follow. And Mutant king of the Sulphur Forest.
For now I started to work on few more smallish mutants (with light river theme) and some bigger guys and gal -  another female carrying her  mutant offspring in the kangaroo style hole in her belly :)

Finally I finished work on a yet nameless Heroine for My Slaaneshian Slavers Mutant Mob

I will post update with guest star Slaanaeshian Mutant and few more soon.

I am creating new tag - Patalonia - Patalonia is a forsaken Feudal World I decided to work as a idee fixe of my techno-fantasy styled models (Akin to great project of Outgard - go and google it if you don't know it yet) Not surprisingly Sulphur Forest is located on Patalonia west from the Great Green River and close to the city of Fallburgh.

Finally - Violetta little family photo

wtorek, 24 stycznia 2017

Saga of ÆWulf vol 5: First Blood

Today mighty ÆWulf will cross his sword with diabollical enemy for the first time.
Kadzik will teach mo to play Lion/Dragon rampant.
He will bring his slightly fantasy Arabi wariors, and I will ride with my Wikings +.
While I finished 4 points of 2 Warriors units , 2 Hearthguard units and Warlord for Saga, composition in X Rampant is quite different so I had to recruit my wives Wulfen (she painted one of them 10 years ago in short spike of interest in painting miniatures, and Ive put some basic colors on the other two that were gathering dust undercoated.

I will have 1 unit of Elite Foot -  ÆWulf himself with his chosen.
Unit of Cunning Greater Warbeast
2 Units of plain Heavy Infantry
And 1 unit of 6 Bidowers/Scouts
and 1 point I dont know what to do with - most probably I will make one unit Hate enemy.

More photos after the battle.

piątek, 6 stycznia 2017

Caravan porters finished (more or less)

Finished piece from previous post.
(well maybe I will touch the base a little as roaches could use few touches and lighter background but its almost finished )

 All models built with intention of being part of the caravan in different stages of finish.
Pit slaves needs just bases (and one will have new head as I am not happy with huge helmet I built) sam con be said about mercenaries (part the head of course) and the rest need paint badly.

niedziela, 1 stycznia 2017

First post 2017: Caravan moves on

Ive finished lately few pieces started looooooooooooong time ago. First fire in new year - Underhive porters with their strange merchandise - one of pieces for my Underhive Caravan.

As I am in the 40k frenzy now I finished foe more pieces I will show here soon.
And of course I started much more pieces.
I guess I am starting 2 miniatures for 1 I manage to finish.

But I will start a year with finished models. I home I will be able to paint sone soon.

Porters needs some work on the base and they are ready for painting.

Guilder need some pet, not sure if servo skull or some space animal.

Master of the security - Pit Slave needs his most pricey possession - slave girl he won in some Pit fight of the past.

Last guy is porter guide/ hive prospector.

Ive found cool emblem as my guilder organisation mark that the Guilder put on his things.

All finished pieces of Guilder caravan Ive recently finished building. More of them soon.

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