wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2016

Indiana Jones and the Last Adventure..

I was sitting one night and got struck by a thought.. Lets sculpt some Cthulhu stuff.. And so 15 minutes later I ended up with crudely made from FIMO (wonder material for simple sculpts) Older race of Yith member :>
One of mine all time favorite silly monster type. I didnt have anything in genre finished co i grabbed this WIP Indy and some long overdue WIP Necromunda terrain.

here is an artwork that inspired me to try - I don't know who the author is but thanks for inspiration :

piątek, 12 sierpnia 2016

The Dark Ritual at Sewer 17 part 3 : The battle

In previous two installments of this epic series I introduced the protagonists of this scenerio: Romeon Boys, Chaste Brothers and The Arbitrators controlled by 3 players.
Then antagonists in form of coalition of diabolical cultists, mutants and renegades dedicated to worship of Slaanesh controlled by umpire (Me)

In this episode I will guide you through the epic battle itself.
So here is Sever 17: The place of the Dark ritual. Fluctuation of dark energies during the ritual created strange phenomena in surrounding area that were changing gradually during the scenario. In first turns in the form of  blinding pinkish hue making ranged combat difficult, in  later turns in form of hordes of small crawling animals that were running away making movement more difficult.

I used card activation to spice up old engine of Necromunda (with great success - I will explain it in the last installment of the series) and one of the card drawn was spawning Zombies drawn to the ritual site by some mysterious force.

In the early turns protagonists fought mainly against relentless waves of zombies storming them from the back. And Diabolical cultist started The Ritual (each turn on a draw of a certain card it was gaining speed (It needed 30 ritual points - lines chanted  - to be finished  - each turn of chanting and molesting of Jolanta generated d6 Ritual points)

While Romeon Boys struggled with wave after wave of zombies first real blood was spilled when the Cultist charged The Arbitrators. In severe flamer fire exchange many perished. But AWixos got a charge line opened, and GoatTerror loomed in the back causing Terror.

Meanwhile Chaste Brothers entered deeper into the trap

Brother Albinus was spreading doom with his psychic power - smashing Giant spider and then unsuspecting Mutant sniper on the roof of a crumbling structure.

The ritual chants and screams of Jolanta were heard in close distance when Mutant King AWixos charged Arbitrator ranks and slew Florrd the flamer operator.

That Juggernaut broke opening for furious charge of GoatTerror on Judas himself. Epic battle that took 2 turns to resolve commenced.. AWixos could only watched in awe as heroic Judas took the duel into narrow spot near the pipeline.

Diabolical Terror and heroic Bounty hunter were even match but sorcerer Mystiqus the Mindbender decided that this show of combat proves takes too long and with one turn of his diabolical hand from afar switched Judas brain off.. Poor hero in fell on the ground in catatonic and was no more

Following the demise of their heroic leader Arbitrators were slaughtered one by one.

But desperate charge of Captain Larson - Judas second in command sent AWixos to his knees in desperate display of fury and plasma fire..

Unfortunately the beast rise up fueled by dark energy and splashed Larson to pieces by single chop of the eviscerator. And then Arbitrators demise was inevitable and quick
Meanwhile Chaste Brothers were storming central tower
They cleaned it from the spider infestation thanks to noble infestation of Ratskin guide that led them here  and took revenge for the fallen Arbitrators.

But to their surprise Mutant King AWixos covered in gore (both his and his enemies) stormed them with glowing eyes of hatred and their chastity was put to the test..

The gauntlet of terror was circling around brother Albinus now..

He summoned all of his psychic proves but fickle power of the warp was siphoned elsewhere to fuel the Dark ritual! GoatTerror easily survived all of his attack.. and the rock cried there is no hiding place....

Meanwhile on the far corner Romeons friends were burnt to cinders.

But our interpid hero gnawed his teeth in grim desperation and flew on the wings of fire beyond his smoky companions.

He dispatched fiery bitch Ania with single crushing swing of shotgun butt and she fell down to her demise. And run for Jolana life and to stop the Dark Ritual

He brutalized lone mutant on guarding the walkway and shot pinned Mystiqus in deadly crossfire of flying scattered lead. And dived down disappearing as fast as he arrived.
.But he was far from finish. With last pair of bullets he sent Priestess bitch to hell
Without bullets but with bad attitude he proceeded to charge last guardians and chanting mutants and stopped the ritual and rescued Jolanta..

Howling GoatTerror and bloodied furious AWixos smashed all opposition but were too far away to intervene - all what was left for them was to scatter back in the Underhive and hide..
Victory for the mankind!
Till next time!!
Romeon must pay for this..
Romeon must die..

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