niedziela, 23 kwietnia 2017

Lead Painters League entries 1-3

I had a little downtime with painting, among many reasons why is I signed for participation in Lead Adventures Forum painting league.

I was closely following this epic 10 week painting challenge (with elements of competition) and decided that it will help me work under pressure of time and finish some projects I wouldn't for years.
I don't aim for any high place - as participants are top class painters and photographers - my aim it to be in top half of the list of 38 participants. How will it ends remains to be seen but so far so good :)
I won two duels with randomly generated in Swiss format pair of participants and I lost one.

Rules are to present a group of 5 newly painted miniatures in some appropriate environment/scene - and then participants are paired in duels and LA forum members had to vote for one of each pair of participants. Its really most interesting challenge/contest I ever saw with some absolutely epic works of miniature painting art and presenting the unique scenes. While painting is most important both storytelling and photography skills matters in such contest.

As I know my painting limits I went for interesting scenes in most of my entries.
Here are my entries for first three rounds and I will successfully post my entries in incoming weeks. Wish me luck (luck is to not be randomly paired with one of the insanely skilled leaders of the competition :P

1 week: Late Delivery

2 week : Do we need this ? - photo is to unfocused to show miniatures really - deserved loss here
 Ancient Forest - should be a little more focused but I think those are my best painted miniatures entered :)

My miniature photography suxx but I am learning a lot making those photos.

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