poniedziałek, 29 października 2012

Meanwhile on Bulanda 2

Some of you may remember my blog post from long ago about toys Ive bought to fuel my gaming. Well I managed to finish next two. So without many words behold two armored personal carriers of Procyon 24th.
As they are basically WAB 4x4  they will work in AK47 and few modern scenarios too.
Those two from the top :
Now they looks like that (sorry for dark photo but I wanted them to look natural so light is natural too):
First one is stock with only radio antenna added.
Second one has few stowage and lines added.

Here they are with size comparison soldiers of Bulanda (Snakemen from CMG, GZG NI as Procyon 24th, Felid from Khurasan and Rebel Titan marine)
And Action shot:

niedziela, 21 października 2012

Embroidered fabric first try in Mordheim

My first try in embroidered fabric look, I am not to happy with the result, but Ive got whole Mordheim mercenary group and I intend to try and develop it a little on rest of the heroes miniatures. (His boots are greenstuff obviously - Its 100% standard mini but i felt that he need better boots to go with such lavish  coat so they are added as an afterthought ) I will post rest of the band in different stages of repainting (Ive bought them painted as extras in terrain package)

środa, 3 października 2012

DV Chosen

Ive finished (almost :) First model after 3 test cultist from great Dark Vengeance set. Those chosen are best plastic models Ive seen from GW. They are on par with classic 2 edition character model, and beat metal/finecast models in detail and execution (and of course they are plastic so they are convertable and non toxic :)

Without further writing:

Orange pad is waiting for personal icon, I am leaning to classic citadel tree design, but I haven't decided yet. Rest of the squad will have white stripes like on his power fist.

those are his first two colleagues still in WIP but in finishing stages, two more need more work.

here is he leading unit of suicide cultist.

Ive decided to paint heretic priest for my WIP unit of traitorous slaneshian unit [Here is example of WIP] - although he is still WIP i think that general styling wil stay the same I will only finish him and touch the details and pattern where its sloppy.
And realized that it could look much more interesting in cultist tartan pattern [visible above] but inverted (as cultist are much darker colour than my traitor guard unit).

So Ive decided to try and add pattern to them too and make it element that will spine whole chaos force.

And finally Slaeshian priest with DV cultists..

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