sobota, 29 października 2016

Halloween Gaming

Due to creation of pumpkin themed terrain last year it was natural to run some another Halloween spacial battles this year too. And I thing it will be a new tradition :P

Not all I planed was possibile to run but I managed to play 3 games in pumpkin flavored Halloween environments. First Malifaux Horror vs the Gremlins :

While brutal gremlins were killing my Butcher monstrosity and Tentacle monster I managed to score 7 vp against Gremlins 1 vp. SO solid Victory for tara and revenge for last year Gremlin onslaught.

Then I managed to pul two X wing games:

Pumpkin field duel: Ties vs Ties (Ties won..:V )

And Pumpkin nebula Scums vs Rebellion (Rebellion prevailed)

 Overall nice Halloween gaming.
but I will have to try to re use my Pulp Alley Pumpkin scenario before next Halloween!

As a bonus Pumpkin my wife made when I was playing X-wing :P

piątek, 21 października 2016

Cthulhu Pandemic miniatures scale comparision

After some hiatus I will try to resurrect my blog.

Starting with a small thing but a thing that I am looking after when every new board game with cool miniatures. Minis in Cthulhu pandemic are not in scale. We have large - 28mm characters and smaller 15mm cultists and shoggoths.. While character miniatures are cool and unique, all cultists and shoggoths aret he same.
So here are photos of Cthulhu pandemic miniatures with what i had lying around.

So first Characters with miniatures from Artizan (visibly smaller) Frostgrave - quite Ok, and Malifaux -  usable). Characters are on the large spectrum of 28. Smaller than Malifaux but larger than Artizan. They are visibly better proportioned though. But could ork with all of the above.

Then smaller cultists - unfortunately single posed.

Perfectly serviceable 15mm

And shoggoths, hard to say due to unspeakable nature of the creature but I would say usable in 15mm if smallish specimens.

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