wtorek, 18 czerwca 2013

Saga of ÆWulf ! vol1

Lately I was enamored with an idea of painting some Viking raiders !! Ruthless barbaric monsters pillaging coasts of England, Ireland and France ! Fiirst inspiration was History channel series Wikings:
Second was innovative and dynamic rules of Saga !!
Knowing that I cannot defend any longer I gathered small band of vile raiders with plans for bloody dechristianisation of Northumbria !! So without further ado my first ruthless wolves of the see.. Hirdmen Red Orm, Leif the Cautious, Ivar and Hrotgar the Berserker that will made 1st point and first hearthguard unit
Here are our heathen heroes ! Red Orm

Leif the Cautious

Ivar the Cunning (known as Ivar the Snake)
and Hrotgar

poniedziałek, 10 czerwca 2013

Tiger 1 zimmerit second take (late)

This is my second take on zimmerit on PSC Tiger 1 model (this time late configuration). I am much more happy from the final effect. Paste is made from Green stuff, and it remembers texture much better than liquid GS from previous tank.
Texturee is to deep but I like it that way, because it might be visible after painting this time. Its easy job, one thing to remember is to cut hauling ropes from left side of the tank structure..

There is my first Tiger with Zimmerit made from liquid GS:

Ive also started to do some 15mm terrain again, and sculpted those test haystacks from Fimo. Nothing spectacular but they will do after painting.

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