piątek, 27 października 2017

Halloween Gaming again

I couldn't let my pumpkin terrain go to waste sooo..
Again Halloween gaming this year.
First: X wing :)

Spreading forces against two most dangerous ship in the game is mistake, especially for estranged Imperials :P

Next day: Dragon rampant - My fantasy Vikings took again of Kadziks vile Arabs..
In the Ringbearer scenerio (My mage Loki was carrying the ring and almost killed by Naffatun unit but he survived resurrected two Vikings with his unholy pumpkin ring power and sow mischief and Befuddlement all around. And thanks tl his pumpkin ring power my Vikings smashed Al-Kadziki minions not loosing one unit :O

AEwulf and his hirdsmen finish vile Al-Kadziki (again - that bastards has 9 lives I swear!)

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