poniedziałek, 30 grudnia 2013

Christmas looting - Pirates !

A surprising gift!! (As a rule I don't get miniatures from Santa to not annaoy my mother and mother in law :)
But this year  Ive got GW miniature I like most from this year releases.
Plastic Black Arc Fleetmaster !!
Beauty ! (I like most of the plastic characters - best line from GW in years, and I habe most of them in some distant plans (strangely more from WFB) to be converted into some 40K characters.

Here we have great Dark Eldar leader.. or bad Ass Eldar pirate, or even old school Eldar mercenary. I liked the miniature so conversion was minimalistic-hardly visible except the gun)  Leg exchange for Dire Avenger ones (i hated his sabre leg - silly idea !) and strange weapon swapped for a Splinter pistol (I love large and long wild west revolver looks of those!)
So behold menacing presence of Pirate prince. This guy is menacing - its hard to do in miniature, especialy plastic but he IS..!! Those miniatures are getting better and better and have lot of character, especially when one remembers bland old plastics.. But this guy is special in this regard. He is simply bad ass.. I was worried by his height but he blends well with other miniatures.

Now i just have to make him pirate crew :)

sobota, 21 grudnia 2013

Over the catnip fields PMC 2640

I had a chance to play a game of PMC 2640 (by Assault publishing)
We played a little ad hoc scenario in witch evil Space Zionists interpenetrated border of Babutiland in a raid to destroy narco-producing fields of catnip (local equivalent of Coca) thats finance rebel splinter faction of kamrade Miao – rebel cat commies.

Proud communist cat rebels finance their operations by growing catnip – powerful drug mostly smuggled offworld but some is dealt into local colonies and into system mining facilities on the Bulandas numerous moons.

4x4 battlefield of Catnip fields and bush

We played transborder raid of 42 Colonial division security task force into bush in seek and destroy operation. Target was catnip plantation near Kobango. Mission of Collonials was burning of 4 fields of Catnip defended by the rebel militia and forces of Cat Rebels. As it was found to a grim surprise of federal soldiers a unit of elite Serpensis infiltrators were present and trap was set.

Dots near unit are their point-thing value

In the bloody affair Federal forces were heavily pounded and conceded a game without burning any fields ! Total victory for Comendante Miao and his sidekick Telamon the Dachshund.
(In a test we run to check wherever federal side could score a draw it was found that Federal commander (GRZ) conceded to early )

Federal forces procedes

Commencing attack

And failing

trap is unfolding

And closes

Generally i liked the rules (although I prefer systems where there is c and c mechanism which is lacking in PMC) although i had some doubts about game balance that needs more looking into. Game is apparently built as combined warfare game (and some units works like rock-paper-scisors so we did not have full scope of the gameplay with infantry only present.
But apart from that its quite simple and interesting little system well worth checking.
Photos are courtesy of Sarmor.

PS: first time when my Sci-fi 15s played as they are intended and not as proxies (well mostly  :) 
Way to go !

poniedziałek, 2 grudnia 2013


And now for something different.. Hector DD221
I haven't painted any starship for an almost decade, but had Mauridian fleet lying around since then. I wanted to do something different so here he comes !

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