środa, 3 października 2018


I am not a person normally cheering anything Orky but this Orktober post is my second orky blogpost in a row.. This time differently flavored :P

Ironskull Boyz!
I have to admit that Shadespire (or as it should be know because of setting change Warhammer Underworlds *) is my game discovery, and my second most played (after Necromunda) game of the year..(with I think most games due to usually managing 3 per game night for Necromunda one).
To my surprise I like most of the 1st set of warbands (event original sigmarines , only second sigmarines bore me to death) and I plan to play most of them (so far I had most fun with Skellies and Skaven). So expect more of the teams painted.
I wouldn't ever paint larger band of Orks but those 4 is right number and all models are great.

Boss Ork Gurzag Ironskull


Second in power Bonekutta my favourite of th bunch

Basha and Hacka grunt Orks (I missed Hacka front photo and will add it later :)

And Sepulchral guard - first warband Ive painted.

* Lets be honest.. Shadespire is great name while Warhammer Underworlds is not.. As second Underworld Nightvault was just released and Shadespire will be removed from the shelf (bands from the Shadespire set will be released as stand alone) I have to find new name but Underworlds is much Inferior to Shadespire and Nightvault will be replaced next year with something new.. IMHO GW missed the point here :)

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