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Exarch * Egzarcha

Eldar were my first love in miniature wargaming.
When I saw those fabulous Jes Goodwin original Aspect warriors in WD 127 I fell in Love with them instantly.
I played them a lot in 2nd edition and for some time in 3rd, but I was disappointed and bored by Gav Thorpe 3rd ed Eldar Codex. It lacked spark It had in the past, and new models that replaced Goodwins originals were of inferior quality (with exception of Banshees).
I switched to their evil kin and played Dark Eldar till i lost interest in 40K.  Ive never had endurance nor patience ( nor money) to paint lot of them, and my painting was much less rafined, so I did not have mases of models from 2nd edition but It used very small armies by today standards. Now I had not really played any 40k for many years but I buy a Eldar model from time too time (mostly older stuff bu I quite like modern Aspect warriors too).
Most of the time they do not put a spell on me like old Jes Goodwin models but I really like some of them.

This is Dire Avenger Exarch Ive bought cheaply (and sprayed blue). I wanted to try few glazing techniques and two days later here he is. My first fully painted Eldar model since 2000 :) I like the effect although I will probably add some little runes to empty spaces on his galaxy banner and some snow to his base. Overall I am really happy with his color scheme (it looks better in real life) and with some variation is easily maintained so I started to repaint and finish my guardians and Farseer..


Ive added dark (bad lighted) pic  because its cool :)

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