piątek, 17 maja 2013

PSC Tiger I (with added zimmerit) painted

Few months ago Ive started to work on PSC Tiger Tanks. I did wanted to try my luck with Zimmerit. First round tank was made with Zimmerit from Liquid green stuff. Well Lest say its bad approach. I do not recommend it. I started to work on second one so I will post soon. But no Its first one painted. Zimmerite is note very visible and it melted somehow so its not very prominent either. You know its here but its hardly visible as intended.

Due to chosen camo color (502 SpA from late 1944) chipped off zimmerit in base color (red brown for German tank - applied in production) was not visible, so after Fromhold advice its in raw paste color for contrast, lets assume they are fresh chippings.

Here is unpainted shot

And original post here: Zimmerit first take

2 komentarze:

  1. Nicely done, love the camo!

  2. Thanks
    I have to add him his number, but firstly have to learn how to paint them :)


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