poniedziałek, 11 listopada 2013

Dirty hands of the Jasmine Throne: Alien Foreign Legion 1

I finished (apart from grass on the bases but that will await for whole unit) first team of my beautiful jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion JTFB from Khurasan miniatures. Each guy is different species of strange and bizarre aliens that share same Armour (fitted to his physiology) and weapons of Jasmine Throne Army.
They are dirty hands of the Queen acting as gentle reminder of her far menacing presence or a sledgehammer for those who dare to forget !!

Models are beautiful. My photos  don't do them justice !. I opted for strange, alien  camouflage (earned some tricks while painting SS blouses) which masks their armor detail to some extent but looks quite striking in comparison to their colorful bodies :)

Second part of the first squad  is being painted as we speak.. Petal throne build up on Bulanda is imminent !!

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