piątek, 22 maja 2015

Reinforcments for Demi-Brigade.

I've finished another unit of French revolutionary infantry for my Italy campaigns project. Now its time to paint some Austrians. I made a vow to not buy anything till I paint one full unit (Gifts count so I had to finish them for Dragoons I got from my wife for birthday, and I have to paint Austrian unit to buy anything New :)

I have 2 more French Infantry units  and rest of French characters to do, dismounted Dragoons and 2 units of Mounted + officer, and of course 4 Austrian units and Austrian characters.

Due to Austrian white uniform and washes they paint much more faster than the French (models are quite dimplier too - no personal details that French have on almost every model) so I will try to finish first Austrian Unit first.
Those guys looks kinda sad IMHO, like marching after huge defeat  (Vive la France !!)
But in meantime I will have to correct my first units, as green epaulette light infantry was not introduced until after my Campaign project time frame, I will have to repaint epaulettes red to make them Grenadiers.

Demi-brigade so far

2 komentarze:

  1. Your job on the French revolutionary infantry is amazing!

  2. Thaks, I hope I will do better photos in the future.


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