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Lets enter the dark streets of Malifaux..

I was eyeing Malifaux miniatures for a long time. But never got any. Recently as I was planing a gift to myself for finishing my PHD (which of last part i send to my boss this very Monday) I decided its time to try. So I bought new plastic boxes of miniatures I've been eyeing for ages, both old metal and new plastic. There were something i disliked in each of the old metal box, so I decided to go plastic road. And boy thats a real treat !! Those models seriously lack soul and details in the renders but are metal like in flesh. They are not without a flaw though. Them aterial they are made from uits high quality hard plastic, but its more prone to bending that to shattering (really good material).
Seamus Red Chapel murderer and his Rotten belles
The miniatures are very filigree so the details has to be even more filigree to match them, so that makes cleaning mouldiness (delicate but i hate any scent of them) painful and tedious work that took me longer than expected. Good the casting quality is very high, these models would be completely unusable with some worse casting, bigger mouldiness. They are top quality and its still ardours work. Second flaw again comes from filigrees: The places that parts met are sometimes insanely flimsy.. and models contact with ground (bese) is suspiciously small at times.. they should be cast with some smallish bases really..
Nicodemus the Undertaker- King of the undead
But to the models. What driven me to the Malifaux (and I am not alone here) are their trademark undead prostitutes called Rotten belles. So I had to get them, secondly be skimming the rules I saw that this game uses great deal of summoning mechanics, and can bring the models to the table from thin air, and what is better way to bring extra models than raising undead !! SO in the end I go Seamus starter (Undead prostitutes !! And the Necromancer box with extra undead dogs (they help a lot with raising shambling hordes of living dead.
First close up of fine gentlemen in top hats
Seamus and Nicodemus are Masters - leaders of your team and main characters in the storyline. Next to them is Seamus totem- Copycat Killer (totems are more or less some spirit entities that are aspects of the whole faction or each main character) and the shovel guy is a henchman Mortimer gravedigger- a helping hand that is a smallish character for themselves (he can be a master in small points games) and helping hand to the real masters (each character has dedicated henchman, but they are unlike character specific totems bind to them and can be used interchangeable).
Then crème de la crème of the Resurrectionist faction - The Rotten Belles:
Ledies of the night
And with their charming madame Sybelle (a henchman for Seamus and Rotten belles master) Belles are minions - lover tier of creatures and can be summoned (Seamus can summon only them, and mindless zombies with a little upgrade but Nicodemus can summon almost anything)

Then came Nicodemus minion, and a strange bunch of zombies Punk Samurai Zombies (i told you they are strange)

I am not sure if they fit into Victorian horror + steampunk genre but they are certainly cool.
And the animals: The vulture (Nicodemus totem) and base decor that will be my first mindless zombie.

And the doggies:

Undead dog is Zombie Punk Samurai best friend

Whole happy zombie risin grimly barkin and undead pimpin family :)
I am not sure if I will like the game itself at this time, but I DO LOVE the models character :>

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  1. Gratuluje złożenia pracy:)

    1. Złożona będzie na radzie we wrześniu, ostatni rozdział został przedstawiony do akceptacji dopiero :)

    2. Ale i tak dzięki :P


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