sobota, 23 stycznia 2016

Wallahian light cavalry

Big step in my quest for national cavalry (very lazy and long quest). 3 bases banner of Wallahian late cavalry. Took longer than expected due fo my dislike of the formation, but after reading a book on them they grew on me and so are finished. Now only Commander and last cossack banner to finish playable lowest force level (skirmish force) for With fire and sword rules.

Wallahian cavalry was in the beginning was rised from people of Wallahian (Moldavian) descent that were settled in southern Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth in Crown parts of the country. It duty was similar to Polish Tatar cavalry (that was predominant in Lithuania and Cossack cavalry [not to be confused with Polish cossack cavalry] in Ukraine). Mainle recon and supporting roles. Although such cavalry was very vital in fighting with Crimean Tatars - which were one of most notorious enemies of the Commanwealth. It gained prominence especially after rebellion of Polish Tatars in 1672. With time ethnical composition of Wallahian formations changed with Ukrainians and native Polish people taking place of the original mercenary Wallahians. It was mostly non-noble formation, with nobles sometimes serving in the leading roles, but service in Wallahian banners led to many nobilitations (mostly for officers of course). main weapon of Wallahian cavalry was sabre and bow, but richer soldiers could be equipped with pistols or even longer firearms.
Overall not very exciting part of the polish army of the period where Hussars and pancerni taking spotlight positions, but vital to Commonwealth army of the period.

And my whole national cavalry so far

From the left - Wallahians, Pancerni with lances and Polish cossack cavalry

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  1. Zaskoczyłeś mnie tym OiM-em. Gratulacje. Wołosi są bardzo dobrzy,według mnie niedoceniani, zwłaszcza jak się trafią doborowi. Ja bardzo ich lubię.

    1. Boja mój podjazd maluje już 2 rok ;P

      Nie jestem ich fanem, ale całkiem przyjemnie się malowali.
      tylko technikę koników malowania muszę zdecydowanie dopracować.

  2. Very nice job on this cavalry!


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