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4Ground carriages review

This time not my builds, but recommendation - 4Ground carriages.

I was eyeing 4Ground terrain for a long time now but newer bought any - Japanese and medieval houses are nailed perfectly but I am still  poor PHD student with low income and I love to do such stuff myself (I just have problems with finishing stuff :P
So I am planing on getting them later when I will be in possession of higher income :)
(And I need at least 3 both Japanese and Viking :(

Said that I know that 4Ground make sets of beautiful filigree furniture for your gaming houses - stuff I couldn't make safely in multiples to such quality without casting process. So when I needed chair for my Zombie Chihuahua base I checked whole offer 4Ground sell on their page (My hobby store physically carries only houses). And I hit those two. They are respectively : 28-CAW-302 19cent General purpose Horse Wagon, and 28-cav-309 16c-17c Army covered supply cart - And they are a blast. Both quite cheap and perfectly planned with very cool detail and if not technically pre-painted the colors are perfect straight from the frames.

They both have closed or open back option and larger wagon could be made with skeleton for cover or without it (with little work you can make it convertible.

I rate them 5 for 5 stars. Only place for improvement is to make well go round but that would make the models much more delicate and prone to damage and really is not needed with terrain on your gaming table.
This product is pure perfection and I highly recommend you get you your own wagons!
Money good spent! And they both cost around half of single 4Ground building!

With models added for scale GB viking Æwulf, Malifaux Nicodem and Victrix napoleonic fusilier

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