niedziela, 4 czerwca 2017

Lead Painters League entries 5, 8 and 9

Almost finishing this cycle, Here are my Sci-fi entries int the latter part of LPL (except of last 10th week photo - as that round is still active)

First  my Sump pirates. I will be posting more of them in following weeks. With mutant steam cutter. These guys are straight from Patalonian Sulphur wastes stalking black steamships of Fellburgh

Next mu Underhive caravan, This entrance was made from old miniatures because I didnt manage to finish new models for this entry (still only 3 finished porters in the caravan :(

In 9th round I finished my first Inquisimunda team. Unfortunately all stock models except the Dragoon Guardsman. I have dozens of =I=28 miniatures built but those are very first finished and painted except very old 3 Henchmen done in 2008 and Drill Abbot. I hope to do more of those and already started work on next team, again mostly of stock miniatures (but I love them too much in stock to convert)

Last round will feature my Slaaneshian beastmen slavers from the Purple Spire, so stay in touch :)

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