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In vein of TMP discussion on OUDF infantry i post two blurry shots of mine. I painted them many months ago but opted to wait for a line expansion before i will commit to the platoon or company sized force. (my minimal target is platoon of around 30 miniatures - i see this a smallest playable force)

Dwa zdjęcia mojej drużyny OUDF. Pomalowałem ich dawno temu, ale wstrzymuję się z zakupem kolejnych do czasu rozszerzenia linii przez GZG. Mój minimalny odział to około 30 modelowy pluton, ale składany z 4 wzorów byłby nudny.

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  1. Great job! And they're only 15mm...

  2. I'm puzzled why you'd need to wait - each pack is a squad, 4 packs make a platoon. Add drones/droids/walkers as heavy weapons support and APCs to ride in and a squadron of tanks and you have a complete force.

    Really like your paint job on these guys, I might have to get a couple of packs to add to my mercenary force.

  3. Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.

  4. I don't like clone armies. I want them to differ, and OUDF boys are difficult to make a conversion on them due to weapon placement in both hands close to the body.
    4 poses is good start but fun starts when there are around 8.

    With 4-5 poses (there are actually 5 poses - missile, SAW, Sergant and 2 gunners) you end with only one or two standard troopers, and i want 5 standard troopers in a squad (plus sarge, SAW and support)

    Too many of same pose in a squad for me (especially so when only one of them in combat pose, second trooper is standing on guard). I like certain level of uniqueness in my squad, and Jon from GZG spoiled my to certain level with treatment of NIs.. I waited with NI for expansion of the line, and it was not wait in vain :).

    Critical mass games Snakemen have similar 5 poses, but they are unique design. With OUDF there is plenty alternatives with larger miniature base than them. I really like them, but i am not that desperate and can wait (opposite with snake men with whose i am making platoon from these 5 models we have as we speak- but they are both easily convertible and totally unique so thats different story).

    As I have New Israelis, and Titan Marines as similar mid tech troopers i can comfortably wait with OUDF

    As to force builds. I am building units with only infantry for now. I want my battles to be infantry driven.


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