wtorek, 9 sierpnia 2011

Infinity 15

Odkąd zainteresowałem się 15 m mSci finkami marzyły mi się modele w stylistyce Infinity, ale cóż mimo ankiety na stronie, w której system w 15 mm zdobył sporo głosów Corvus belli nie planuje przeniesienia swych pięknych modeli do skali 15 mm w w przewidywalnej przyszłości.. ;(
No więc green stuff w łapki i próbujemy.
Aquila Guard :> Jeden z moich ulubionych modeli.
Nie jestem Jose Luis Roig z pewnością ale efekt mnie zaskakująco zadowala. Zwłaszcza biorąc pod uwage, że to moja pierwsza 15  i drugi model budowany od podstaw w ogóle...

Want to have something done, do it yourself.. So i tried :>
Since i started to dig into 15 mm Sci fi around 2008 i wanted something resembling stylistically models from infinity. Sleek lines and hi tech design power armors especially. While 15 mm squad game have nice number of votes in CB pool once posted on their forums, there are no plans for  Corvu Belli Infinity 15 in foreseeable future. So i am left with do it yourself. 
Well I am not Jose Luis Roig for sure but i am quite happy from my work. Its my first sculpt in 15 mm, and second ever from scratch, i normally use some dolly model for my conversions.

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  1. Excellent work for a first attempt in 15mm. You have more talent than I. Good luck on the project. I assume you will be sculpting some more.

  2. Thanks.
    Yes, starting with 4 or 5 more Aquilas for squad.
    Unfortunately i cant cast them in anything so i have to sculpt every single trooper.

    It was easier than i though, but getting used to working with GS took me long time and stil I lack in many many areas..

  3. Great effort, I would say maybe the proportions could be improved, the legs looks a little short, but I would buy it.

  4. Great first effort:-) really like infinity sculpts but nothing in 15mm is a real bind.

    I find GS a pain to work with and prefer Grey Stuff but still use some GS to finish off but unlike You, Gunner and Brother Joseph have not gone as far as a whole sculpt! Well there is a first time for everything!

    Keep it up cheers Matt

  5. Thanks guys, another pair is half sculpted so there will be update soon)
    I am still hoping for Corvus Belli miniatures (they have very good historicals in 15 mm).

    Comstar you should try yourself :>
    My works in 28 are bulky but i am happy with them (i wil post some soon) but 15 mm was surprisingly easier to make !
    You might be surprised by your effort.

  6. Thanks ill give it a go :-)

    Cheers Matt


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