środa, 8 lutego 2012

Dark Eldar

As many of you i was enamored with new line of Dark Eldar models. Beautiful plastics accompanied by line of perfect metals. But i putted away buying them until i would eventually have more incentive to do anything 40K. I decided to get the Wyches in the end when I was looking for a a head for my Hive heroine and Gwendolyn in peril.

But then with those great plastics in hand i wanted more, and as another waves of models were showing up (Archon court I see you !

I am bit of irregular 40 k models - my favorite line of all time is Inquisition and henchmen) Ive deiced to get some at last. 
As i was latecomer Ive been sentenced to use finecast.

That was huge disappointment but lets keep to the models themselves which are just pure brilliant ! One of best miniatures GW ever made. Here are my effort with 5 Wyches and Urien Rakarth - disturbingly great piece of  miniature art.
As Ive seen after taking photos they both need some extra work, and of course bases..

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