czwartek, 15 listopada 2012

Mordheim band semi finished

Ive managed to finish my Mordheim characters, and repaint grunt miniatures. Those are minis Ive got by accident so I don't have any real purpose or plans for them. When Ive been buying Necromunda terrain, seller asked if i wouldn't want to get his Mordheim terrain too, I wanted and i get them was a freebie (with skaven band both from starter set).

I decided to repaint (or paint in case of pistolier and fencer heroes) them just to paint something different. They are little candy for my tasted but i like them overall. Now i have to get some close combat guys to finish the band.
As with many of my miniatures they lack bases.. I completely don't have idea for them, so they will wait until I will get next warband and share base style with them..

And Ive almost finished my first group of cultist. I like the mini a lot so Ive decided to make first group of them 100% original minis, as given in DV set.
So next time there will be cult

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