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Loathsome Snakemen Ssylth and Cultist based

Here is my Ssylth.. This beautifully sculpted evil space snakemen from GW is reason i stopped buying their finecast models for almost a year.. He was not a quality i would consider worth paying for ;( Thats double pity as i absolutely love this model.
I have to admit i have somewhat soft spot for both snake men and multi limbed humanoids.. What could go better than combining them both, and add aesthetics of new Dark Eldar - In my opinion best range GW made since original Jes Goodwin Eldar.. I love most in GW miniatures unique and non military types  they produce. Normally they are Imperial guys and priests, psykers, fanatics, liaison officers and such. I collect them and I gathered most of them. So Dark Eldar retinue of misfits, slaves, mercenaries and courtesans was part of the DE codex i liked the most. And miniatures do not failed to impress me with ideas and sculpting  (At the same time when I said was disappointed because of finecast quality ;().
Worst think was that most of the bad cast parts were invisible before painting, so I realized how bad some parts are in half work so I did not wanted to exchange him and risk better quality ( a mistake i wont made again). Funnier story was with my Urien Rakarth, which i realized is miscast when i looked at GW page after finishing mine..but he lacked parts of the weapon I could live without.. Ssylth miscast destroyed some of detailing ;(
But now I cooled and finished my beloved snake. I used pair of original hands and pair of Wych hands.

What makes Dark Eldar best though up range GW produces (outside of Space marines obviously, but I do not consider them interchangeable thought but plain same and boring :)  is how each metal/finecast miniatures share not only aesthetics but basic build methods, so each miniature could be crossed with parts from plastic models in the range. That gives a great number of opportunities. Here i exchanged butcher blade of standard Ssylth with silly looking weapon from Wych sprue, that do not looks that silly on larger Snake men!, and exchanged pistol arm with better posed vicious Wych knife arm.
I have plans for more of those snakes, that I will equip in special and heavy weapons. I would already have many more if they were cast in metal ;(

After working with My Wyches i decided to base them on winter bases finished with frozen grass in form of grass tuft. Its first time i used them, but they will be staple of my basing techniques in the future. They add much life to a base which in return make miniature four limbed snake man look alive :)

After some bloging brake but not hobby break Ive finished my DV cultist squad to tabletop level. I will return to add some finishing touches, especially to their leader (Hasselfresian himself - I have to admit that i stolen this idea from Warseer ), but i consider them table worthy now and what is most important based. Those are gorgeously made models, and acquired quite large number as base to conversions (I don't play 40K, but i have 2 full troop choices of them now and will get some more :)

I will post follow up on them when i finish Hasslefreesian Leader

Here is secretly made photo of Sinister Duchess dealing with loathsome snake man..

Who is she and why she is dealing with such blasphemous Xenos villain ?

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