czwartek, 31 stycznia 2013

Side painted tanks

Here are 3 vehicles I painted as side job to my small Zvezda vehicle  Painting contest on Forum Strategie (I did not entered, because I was organizer :)
They were quite fast painted, and need few finishing touches there and there, but Ive decided to test new camera on them. More photos when i learn how to use it :)
First a bit fiddly BA-10. Technically I build it (i lost lights - both! during montage, and it is worst going together model from Zvezda excellent series) badly and decided to cannibalize it for parts and wreckage but after putting paint on him, i decided i like him despite obvious build flaws.
Then pair of T34 model 1940. They are my least favorite T34 type, but models are very nice and detailed so its really a shame Zvezda produced least produced and worst looking one. I suppose it goes with the idea of Barbarossa 1941 game, but hey, there were more of T34 model 1941 (with much nicer cannon) then . But they stil releasing models, so I might hope for Kursk 1943 set with much nicer T34 mod 1942 or 43 (preferably with STZ wheels - pelease Zvezda, please !!

More photos to follow when i will learn how to use said new camera.

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