sobota, 9 marca 2013

Some terrain finished

 I had less time for painting lately, but after i got some flock and new grass I managed to base some models and finish some scenery !!. As you might know I hate scenery making but i like great scenery.. Thats Greek tragedy.. But here they come GW Modular Gaming hill ( Its built from two parts and can be rearanged as long and short, as seen it will work only as board edge feature and I need another set for a full free standing hill). Its great pre-textured hill. Its very pricey but if you manage to get it discounted its well worth it IMHO. And some cheap resin scenery Ive got so long ago, I don't remember who is the producer..Thats pity because they were good value for the money.  So there are my hill and extras with models for scale. Some of stack well on flat hill top and make interesting peak.
As you can see hill will work best in scales smaller than 28mm as great terrain feature. In 288 its still imposing but on the smaller mould side.

With random 28mm mini.
And then with 15mm

CB Carthaginians

PSC Russians and Zvezda T34 1940

Toy WAB and Zvezda Opels

Protolene that will be featured here when i learn how to make good photo of those sneaky dogs
And with 1:600 from Oddział Ósmy I am working on now (and have some troubles photographing too..)

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