środa, 3 lipca 2013

Sassanians by Lurkio

Ive returned to my Lurkio Sassanians. My army lacked last two elements to by playable DBA army. Unfortunately they were both Horde elements, I don't believe such unit should be compulsory choice in Sassanian army at all so I did not have motivation, especially with much improved DBA3.0 Sassanian army list on the horizon.. Firsly we hear about massed unwilling conscripted peasant only from Sassanian enemies (with interest in depreciating Sassanian military) and only in last resort kind of fights, secondly we have archaeological evidence of organized Sassanian infantry corps with distinct and regular uniforms (found for ex in Dura Europos).
S oi was reluctant to make those buggers Hordes where they shouldnt be in the first place and that after change to 3.0 will newer see play anymore..
So i decided for a clever split. I cut bases and positioned them to be both two 4Sp elements or one 7(well 8 actually)Hd until new list will be released. So my army is playable as new list but has only 11 elements with single horde in DBA 2.2  (will work with some temporary 30mm bases for my spears) games.. So i have to Finnish my last elements and when i do i will add foliage and the details to the bases to make them coherent.

Secondly there are my finished some time ago Daylamites (Ax)

And panorama of whole army and Infantry and cavalry corps (elephant need some finishing work and the base )

9 komentarzy:

  1. Thanks a lot.

    Sorry for the photos, I am just unable to do them any sensible photos ;(

    Well next try will be when i finish last base and decide how to finish the bases :)

  2. Świetna robota :D. Podoba mi się cieniowanie niebieskich szat.

  3. Mint! Love these very much!

  4. Dzięki :)

    Aczkolwiek cieniowania na niebieskim wcale nie widać, bo jest prześwietlone (za to widać wzorki :)
    A to co chyba bierzesz za cieniowanie to losowe kreski na kompletnie płaskim materiale mające dodać mu nieco 3d(nie powalają te modele akurat - są świetnie zrobione ale ubogie w szczegóły)

    1. w takim bądź razie zabieg Ci się udał w 100% bo sprawia to wrażenie pofałdowanej szaty

  5. Great colors, very nice looking units!


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