wtorek, 16 lipca 2013

Beware Cows of March / Strzeż się Krów marcowych

Beautiful peaceful day here on Bulanda..
Serene countryside of Babutiland on a nice sunny day. Happy cows happily eat grass production happily milk, just after the harvest of wheat.

But thats what really happen here ?? If it was we wouldn't show you this particular spot ..
Look something strange is happening to this ordinary looking cow !
Oh my, that don't look good!

Bloody hell thats !! Serpentis Infiltrator !!!
And he is not here alone..
Is that infamous commander Sssarumansss ?
Could this turn out worse anyhow ? !!
Well Glad you asked !
Full team of those bastards !! And wait for it..
Another !!!!
Who needs two teams of those ruthless assassins and  with a cloaking equipment ??
What are they planing to do now ?
I don't know, but i know that Babutiland and maybe whole Bulanda should tremble in fear !!

Infiltrators are from Critical mass games , here is link to WIP of them many moons ago

4 komentarze:

  1. Mater dej, jaki 'strzesz'? Niech Cię Cthulhu broni...

  2. Nie da się poprawić adresu niestety, nie marudź, dój !

  3. Fajny wzorek na tych snake'ach.

  4. Fajne krówki i stogi. Po glistach trudno się wyznać. :P


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