niedziela, 11 sierpnia 2013

Saga of ÆWulf ! vol2

Every Saga needs extras. Lets call them in almost-latin phrase supernumeraries :)
Viking Saga needs a ton of them
Saga of ÆWulf  needs around 24 !!!

Here are my first fine Viking warriors in shieldwall stance.

Saga so far:

First installment of this thrilling series !!

6 komentarzy:

  1. Great group ! I like yours bases

  2. Thanks !

    bases are thing I hate to do, and I am not to comfortable with them
    But Each point has a better ones :)

  3. Very nice work, AWu. The slash and hack marks of the shield faces area cool!

  4. Nicely done. Are the shields all hand painted? The battle damage on them looks good.

  5. Thanks.
    Shields are hand painted, i like perfection and symmetry that decals could offer but I just like painting shields most and all my shields are hand painted!
    They have some flaws but i like them like that. I suppose really shield art wouldn't be perfect anyway :)

  6. Wszystko ładnie wygląda. Tarcze rzeczywiście stanowią Twój mocny atut.


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