niedziela, 29 września 2013

Missing link

Ive been painting FOW Germans but I promised few photos of other models in FOW starter. Today Sherman and Pak 40.

Sherman is nice if heavy, but i like it for extra stowage (with all stowage available + grey box from STUG) There is 6 Shermans like this in the set. WIth included stowage it looks very good IMHO. I will give one of them to my friend Gustavus - and he as a Shermanophile will point any historical inconsistency of the model

By weary that models wont build  seamless some work. One have to remove part of internal elements of right side armour/track part or use some greenstuff.

And two photos of PAK 40. Ok model but had very bad something that is meant to keep barrel safer but i have to remove it. Its quite easy but You have to be gentle for the barrel. Mine needs some delicate sanding.

Silly element that needs to be removed for proper looks of the cannon
Nothing like this on the real gun !

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