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Storm in the Telamon strait

Yesterday i participated in cool if somewhat tedious game of general quarters 3. Naval warfare simulator from ODGW.
Game was very nice but would be unbearable in less friendly environment.  It has some interesting mechanics, but it has just too many mechanics and tables to be fun without right opponents and a game umpire.
As my first naval wargame ewer i liked the flavor if not the rules.
Game played mostly well due to Xardas who was hosting it and was controlling the game flow. But without his prior experience we wouldn't be able to play it correctly.

Scenario was simple: Americans had to destroy coastal batteries and airstrip on remote island base in the pacific. Japanese had to stop them. American fleet was more powerful but Japanese players had support of coastal batteries and very powerful airplanes from the island base.
Maryland getting wasted
Revenge on Kongo despite its ramming burning Japanese destroyer

Taking survivors and the flag from maryland

4 ships sunk that day, sadly two of them were mine. I blame bad orders* (and blindness) in instance of Maryland (in the ongoing chaos i failed to spot torpedoes that were fired and they got poor old Mal.. In revenge I send unavoidable salvo into Japanese flagship Kongo (whose captain in his attempt to dodge run into one of his own destroyers ! (albeit sinking - but meant to sunk for 7 more turns - so not so sunken :) So I relocated my banner from sinking USS Maryland to the victorious USS Clark. Although after serious beating by planes and coastal batteries Americans withdrew without achieving their objectives (Alaska got almost sunk , Japanese base was put out because of lack of the planes and Japanese squadron teeth broken, we won the day by VPs !
My yet proud fleet and Japanese appearing from the mist

I liked Naval wargaming and I think i will get some ships, although GQ3 wont be my choice  (but than I hope I will join  Xardas's games in the future)

I will link full AAR when it surfaces.

* Ive got order for braking formation and closing the distance in worst possible moment and that cost us 2 ships !

Most hated but highly ineffective Telamon battery 

3 komentarze:

  1. Widzę że Telamon stał się swoistym nemesis :D

  2. Tak, aczkolwiek mój Telamonius i Telamon Xardasa powstali zupełnie niezaleznie od siebie :)

  3. PS: bateria strzelała całą grę i uzyskała tylko 2 trafienia (koło 10% skuteczności trafień )
    In character :>


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