piątek, 18 października 2013

Soylent green IS dachshunds!

Space is vast.. Space is infinite..
In the far corners of space there are dachshunds !!
Dachshunds are herd like cattle and mutilated by Evil space Corporation MKG Agricultural and Pestcontrol (MKG AP)
But not everyone is happy that his hot dogs are made from actual dogs !!

This is a story of a group of brave youth called Dachshunds and their pet giant space dachshund that challenged rule of evil corporation !!

 Telamon brave space Dachshund whose due to diabolical experiments grown to immense size, strength and intelligence  but very short attention span. 

Master of hide and seek Telamon the Dachshund can hide in plain field fortification instantly

Telamon and his cute small dachshunds brother and sister !

Oh now, where evil space corporate nazi Dr Hindgele took those poor little doggies !!

Those grew from a silly project idea. Dachshund revolution...
Stay in touch for more Space Dachshunds..

3 komentarze:

  1. In space no one can hear you bark.

  2. The Dog will bark before theese eyes !!


  3. Hurray for Telamon! Super Dog hero from another planet!


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