czwartek, 18 września 2014

7e régiment de hussards

In my quest to rise mine Petit Grande Armee Ive finished 7e régiment de hussards or 7th Hussars Regiment in english :)
One of the most famous regiment i chose for its high contrast red trousers and green dolman and mentyk (blouse and pelisse) and white
Ive decided to use lighter green for the dolman and mentyk (like in the picture on the left) .  I am sure that Napoleonic fasion police will want my blood but lets be honest, its just not very visible in 1:600 scale. ALso Ive aded easy nationality recognition system you will be familiar with at the moment you see it :>
So here are my Hussards.. All 4 squadrons of them ! Vivle la Emperreur !

Here is my  whole Davout III rd corps so far

2 komentarze:

  1. Most impressive, the mass effect is excellent!

  2. Thanks Phil.
    Yes !
    Masses are the main reason to do them in this scale! Lets not forget that God is on the side of big battalions !! :)
    I have 60 infantry and 18 hussars per base.

    Second reason is ease of painting, but I have to say cavalry is much more precise and laborious than Infantry!


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