piątek, 5 września 2014

Mysterious not-Russian vehicle crushing Ukraine's independence

I rarely model most recent stuff, but Ive become enamored with this striking photograph of Column of Russian vehicles that travels in the direction of Ukrainian border to by miraculously transfered into Unknown and Unmarked but for sure not Russian vehicles that are fueling the war in the country.
Everything looks so normal, cars, and bus on the street of Russian town, people doing their daily things and yet there is menacing machine with a sacred icon that leaves no secret about to where it is going..
So  with Zvezda T 72 gathering dust i decided i want it !
Luckily Zvezda model is an exact type of T 72 we see here. Unluckily its lacking in some important details i had to recreate:

SO with the short work ive come up with a tank like this. I used ligher 3 color camuflage pattern to better show details of the model.

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