sobota, 17 stycznia 2015

Vive l'Empereur part 3 Volitigeurs completed

Ive finished my first unit for sharps practice. Volitigeurs. Technically speaking they did not exist in 1800 but I will use them as light infantry. Nobody from my gaming partners shouldn't realize the stretch :> I think that in Sharps practice they will work well. Next Ligne Intantry. I will try more fancy trouser with them like seen in Italian campaigns.

Models are from Victrix.

Vive l'Empereur my friends :)

My napoleon overseeing unit :)


3 komentarze:

  1. Excellent paint job, details are amazing!

  2. Thanks Phil !

    I heard bad things about Napoleonics, but when you know what you are painting they are quite pleasure to do.

  3. Your painting abilities are demonstrated excellently in the work on these figures! Paint on!!


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