piątek, 2 stycznia 2015

Weapon Development Experimental Ship AN14

Thats my ship for Warhamster ship painting competition.

I was hardly pressed with finishing him, as i dont have facilities to work with resin in hous and there is just too cold outside ;/

So from planned 3 I finished only one.
AW-14 near Jupiter

And AW-14 Wishing you happy new year :)

Wery nice model with many extra detailing components (those antenae are in set. That is first time I see something like this coming with a  starship model.

3 komentarze:

  1. Splendid pictures...Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Phil !!
    They could use some blending in the planet but as they are for competition i couldnt touch the ships.

  3. Nice work! The presentation picture of your modeling is super.


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