wtorek, 24 marca 2015

DeFOWing Battlefront Kubelwagens

While I am not in a least interested by Flames of War rules I have to admit Battlefront produces rather large portfolio of models for it in my favourite 15mm/1:100. Some are better some are worse, but overall quality of the models I poses is good to very good.. Only drawback is resin - I don't like working with it.. but for most part I don't have to at all - all I have were quality cast.. What i have to deal with are cats bases.. Oh how i hate them.. I couldn't stand my Kubelwagens - a little buggers on their bases standing close to normal models without the bases.. So they have to go..  I pack my Drelmel styled tool and started to cut. I can give you one recommendation if you are like me.. Don't.. Cutting bases is ineffective and you risk damaging the models (i have to greenstuff the wheels and some cuts on mine..).. What I can recommend is Dremel sanding tool.. like this one (random photo from the Google) 
You have to be cautious tho.. Its really easy to do, it works like with butter.. But it produces insane amounts of toxic resin dust so wear protective goggles and mask and do it preferably outside. And wash your models after the process..
Here are me before and after photos:
This is starting looks, bases are rather annoying and look how high they are in comparison to 222 !!
So after 15 minutes :

Like new... sooooooooooo much better !!!!

Now .. how to remove the base from smaller one :P

5 komentarzy:

  1. Thanks guys, worth the effort..

    I just couldnt stand those bases (I have them only on Kubelwagons and on Maultier and they looks really bad close by..
    And I want to get some more small softskins - as they are unlikely in plastic.

  2. Podstawkę z tego mniejszego Kubela można usunąć w podobny sposób i tym samym narzędziem - byle nie trzymać go wtedy w palcach ;)

    1. Nice try Marcin..

      jeszcze czuję zapach spalenizny z palców, przy robieniu KUBa :>


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