środa, 1 kwietnia 2015

3 strange figures from the Japans past

I got them once in large bulk auction from ebay. I bided for roofs of Epic buildings but got some strange extras in bulk. Between old crap and bad painted beaky plastic marines were those 3 guys. Well they are obviously Japanese, and they had Grenadier 1986 stamp on their bases.. Thats everything i know about them. Models are not outstanding but after painting they look sufficiently cool to be fighting in Ronin when I will place order for Perrys Samurai someday.  Behold Angry Three from Kioto.

First one with naginata

 Second with naginata

And the third with you guessed it.. naginata

So you've seen all my Japanese miniatures to date :>

3 komentarze:

  1. Beautiful figures and great job!

  2. Good start. They are just scouts of great army. :)

  3. I suspect they will be rank and file of Bandit Buntai..

    But it will be greatest bandit band in Japan :>


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