środa, 27 lipca 2016

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting..

Ever wondered what would happen when Jack the Ripper would meet Bruce Lee ?
So here are few photos from yesterday game of Malifaux which surprisingly was just like that
Didn't make full write ups and I forget to make regular photos so my write up has to be sketchy at best.

Evil half god Shen Long brought his fat henchman Sensei You, Effigy, Archer, TT Brother, Katanaka Sniper, Monk of High River and Peasant

My evill Seamus brough Madame Sybelle, 2 Zombie hookers, Copycat Killer, Yin, Crooligan and Bette Noire.
Strategy was Reconnoiter and i chosen Breakthrough and A Line in the sand schemes.

First action of Intrest was a Kill of Peasant by copycat Killer in second turn, from whose bloodied body Bette Noir jump out and charged Ten thunders Brother getting Red Joker for damage and killing him outright. (She was killed fast in return but I have been stashing Tens needed for her to avoid death to reappear again - whole game so she easily escaped death to soon return and haunt my oponent.

Then I killed second peasant and bough him to life as Roten Belle. My poor belle was than almost shot to pieces by sniper and archer.. But she managed to mysteriously deflect arrows and bullets with her pink umbrella.
Then He was attacked by whole might of Shen Long with 4 focus on him.. And again managed to stop his attack with pink umbrella and was hit only once for 2 damages.. Whet a lady!!

Then it was getting intense and I forget to make more photos -  I will point most important things
- My Madame Sybelle was slaughtered by sniper.
-Then Bette Noir emerged but failed her chard against Monk, Monk damaged her and make her burn but failed to killed her so she flowed up with a kill in next turn and died to some shooting again disappearing before grisly demise.
-Then Sensei You charged and kicked crap out of my poor  Crooligan but failed to kill poor child who was ured out by Belle.
-Yin charged Sensei You and gave him slow but was moved by some Shen Long shenigans and ended in combat with vile bad kung fu master.
-Seamus teleported to enemy half and proceed to wound Effigy (finished by Copycat Killer) and then Kill Archer who delivered him a message (first scoring 2 vp for my oponent) and blocking sniper in combat
Then comes the last turn in which iI have this hand so just know that everything I would want to do would work well (cards works as dice in Malifaux and with cards one have in his hand one can cheat the results - so I have 5 very high rolls with the suits I wanted);

- In last moves Sensei You chased again reappearing Bette Noir (out of Crooligan killed by fat man in second charge) but was unable to hit her (remember my hand ?) Then she was able to leave combat (hand) and drop scheme markers for Vp
Seamush risen another zombie hooker dropped marker and teleported to contest another table quarter and drop marker (which he couldnt as appeared - it was my first game with him so I made ew mistakes)
Shen Long was unable to Kill or make slow of my Yin but stole my marker, So I have to leave combat with him and drop another win the flying intestines monster (This is what Yin basicaly is..)

Finally in the end My oponent Delivered a message to Seamus for 2 vp and drawn a Line in the sand for 3 and got only 1 point for Reconnoiter Strategy
I had 3 Points from Reconnoiter 3 Points from Breakthrough (2 scheme markers near my opponent deployment zone) and 1 from  Line in the sand (due to evil Shen long moving my marker last turn)
So 7 to 6 Victory for Seamus

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