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Sharp Practice v2 Deployment point competition

A little inter cult activity intermission for something completely different.. The French!

Richard from TFL is running a Sharp Practice v2 deployment point competition.
So this prompt me to realise idea I had in mind for a long time. A little dioramas of soldiers robbing boots of the fallen enemy - a common thing in war especially or badly supplied Army of Italy .. My badly supplied units are still in wip stage but why not try to make test miniatures and use in competition too! Win-Win.

Rules of competition are as follow:
So, here are the rules:
  1. Two Deployment Points are to be entered for an Army.
  2. The Deployment Points may be for armies in any scale.  The competition is entirely scale neutral.
  3. The Deployment Points should be a sensible size.  What that is we leave to you.  My 28mm DPs are 60mm round which I think is a nice size, being large enough to create a scene on but not too large but as we say, the choice is yours.
  4. Points will be awarded on the entirely unscientific basis of what the Lard Island judges like.  Points will be gained if the vignette “tells a story”, i.e. it is clear what is going on, and a touch of humour will likely be rewarded as will some nice scenery as well as troops or some other way of identifying the nationality which the DP represents.
  5. The competition will run between now and the end of June, with the jury’s decision being announced on Monday the 4th of July
  6. The jury’s decision will probably be wrong or foolish, but it will stand with no right of appeal.

They are a little vague but - lets be honest I am not the best painter around so chances for win are quite slim anyway but potential prizes very tasty :P
So I chose  to have fun
My first deployment point is called  (Yes i gave them proper names hoping for extra unscientific points in the competition :) Vive la chaussure!
As all of you surly fluent in French will see coming it portrait glorious if grimmy job or freeing nice officer boots from Austro-Hungarian occupation! And drinking some wine in the proces.. those guys are Frenchmen first revolutionaries second..

Second one I had more problems.. I didnt want to copy the death robbing concept nor do simple furage gathering so Mort aux ennemis de la France was born

Grand battle may be won but everyday there is next battle ahead and so we see it.. La dernier combat between a man (a FRENCH man) and a chicken (soon to be a french supper) .. And eating some fine previously baked chicken leg in the proces.. those guys are Frenchmen first revolutionaries second..

Here are they together
And in sorry WIP state just yesterday..

And some field photos

All chickens run to Castiglione!! Mamma mia!

Not anymore..
Stop right there in the name of France!!

" General de AWix, Nous battons ennemi poularde!!"

Hurry Up men.. Wurmser had more boots at Castiglione

Marchons, marchons, marchons !...

Mort aux ennemis de la France

*I apology any inevitable Frenchman that will stumble upon my Frenchlish.. :)
(Especially Tango01 that will see this sooner or later..)

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