środa, 1 czerwca 2016

The Dark Ritual at Sewer 17

I almost forgot about mu blog since march (real life and not many finished projects.. :( But I managed to get a few friends two weeks ago and play my favourite Necromunda with a multiplayer cutist twist.. I will post few info about the rues i modified slightly (card driven turn sequence instead of IGOUGO i think is weakest part of Necromunda) and battle report in few days.

Now here is a teaser and cast of the adventurers

When you beloved girl is captured by dark cultist with unknown agendas.. There is only one thing a men can do.. Gather a team of trusted friends and take her back!! Thats what brave Romeon did!!

When your daughter fell into a bad company.. there is only one thing a loving father can do .. hire a band of ruthless mercenaries.. And thats why grim Judas got paid..

When your most promising protegee gets captured by evil cultist.. There is only one thing a priest can do.. Gather ruthless and yet pure covenant of brothers and make right to whats is wrong! And thats why Brother Albinus was made an Inquisition Legate for..

But will they prevail ?????????? 

Because poor and virtuous Jolanta fell into  a bad kind of company..

And what they will do when their conflicting missions will become obvious..
At Sewer 17!!

In the next installment - Diabolical Cultists and their sinister  agenda

6 komentarzy:

  1. Gdzieś Ty te czcionki znalazł. :D

  2. Nie znasz najprzasniejszej czcionki internetu Bleeding cowboy ?? :O

    Gdzieś ty się chował :P

  3. W pytę te bandy :), szczególnie Ci zrobieni z bretki.

    1. To bardzo wdzięczne modele do konwersji 40 stkowych.

  4. Ładnie pomalowane figurki Andrzej. Poza tym, zrobiłeś niezłą otoczkę.

  5. Figurki bardzo dobrze skonwertowane i ładnie pomalowane.

    Czcionki rzeczywiście fajne, na pewno się przydadzą.:)


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