piątek, 17 czerwca 2016

The Dark Ritual at Sewer 17 part 2

In this overdue installment lets take a look at forces of evil and chance that were a barrier for players and their dedicated combat groups!

Lets start with main antagonists that are terror of the underhive in themselves
Zahlystia the Arch priestess of the demonic cult and her trusty bodyguards
She was preaparing ritual slaughter

And most infamous deviants of the underhive

Goat Terror, a Terror of the man, a slayer of the children, a grand breeder of the down under and Cagliostro the seducer - powerful psyker

Mystiqus feared telepath and his henchmen


Each one was a nemezis for one of the player characters.

they commanded horde of lesser henchman and scum
Church attendants


The cultists

Additionality dark energies of the ritual bring attention of hordes of plague zombies

And players could (and did) disturb a nest of nasty spiders native to the darkest places of the Underhive

In next post I will write up how i changed the rules for this scenario and in the last part a battle report of the bloody encounter
stay tuned

2 komentarze:

  1. Evil enough.
    Very nice highlights of green and grey skin. Middle spider is very natural.
    Cagliostro pattern is freehand?

    1. Thanks Umpapo

      Grey skin is very hard to photograph (and I am unable to phoptograph them properly anyway..)

      Yeah middle spider I am proud of :>
      I have to cut some more (I bought unit of 8 with some silly goblins mounted on them - but as I got them cheap they are one part (well 2 part if you consider the goblins - I didnt :)


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