poniedziałek, 14 maja 2018

Beton - My Goliath Gang

I normally struggle with inventing colour schemes. But somehow those hazard stripes went themselves on the test model and then Ive got whole gang painted )sans little details) in no time. Seriously fastest painted Necro gang in my Necro painting career (And Ive got 5 finished and many more in different state of wip)

Mr Beton - Leader

Pustak - Deadliest champion

Azbest - Test game deadliest champion that fail to do anything in campaign :)

Słup Strop and Spaw
Vanilla gangers

Gruszka - grenadier and Nit - new adition - rivet cannon counts as boltgun

and Żelbet - juve
I am having great fun with these guys and more important i had fun painting them.

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